We are not currently recruiting but always love to hear from exciting people!

Activist, Actress and Founder of I Weigh, Jameela Jamil started the @i_weigh Instagram account in March 2018 in a response to the way that women are valued in popular culture.

She encouraged women to Weigh themselves through their accomplishments and values rather than their physical appearance.  I Weigh is about radical inclusivity, so that no one feels alone. The Instagram account amplifies, advocates and passes the mic to other activists and organisations.

Since then I Weigh has disrupted marketing standards, created conversation at Prime Ministers Questions, internationally, and within internal policy at Instagram. It was highlighted as one of 16 accounts to follow by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex for Mental Health Awareness month. 

I Weigh is now building out our team and and seeks passionate and hardworking people. We are a small yet ambitious team, united by the same passion of supporting generation Z and millennials in a ‘Revolution Against Shame’. 

In particular we would love to hear from video editors, directors and content creators.

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